Elizabeth P. Newberry, PhD

Elizabeth P. Newberry, PhD

Assistant Professor of Medicine

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  • PhD: Washington University, St. Louis, MO (1995)


Dr. Elizabeth Newberry joined the Division of Gastroenterology in 2000 as a Research Assistant Professor, working in the laboratory of Dr. Nicholas Davidson. She is currently investigating the role of liver fatty acid binding protein (L-Fabp), a cytosolic lipid binding protein that is highly expressed in the liver and small intestine, in the trafficking and metabolism of fatty acids. L-Fabp is required for efficient uptake and secretion of fatty acids, and mice with deletion of the L-Fabp gene are protected against the development of both obesity and hepatic steatosis. Recent data suggests that L-Fabp may function as a lipid sensor and facilitate the production and/or metabolism of lipid-derived satiety factors. In addition, Dr. Newberry is interested in the role of fatty acid transport protein 4 in intestinal and hepatic fatty acid uptake.

Dr. Newberry received her B.A. from Knox College, and her PhD in Molecular Cell Biology from Washington University in 1995. Prior to joining the Division, she completed a post-doctoral fellowship at Washington University in the lab of Dr. Dwight Towler, MD, PhD in which she studied transcriptional regulation of genes involved in bone formation.