How it works: Sleeve gastroplasty reduces stomach volume and slows the speed at which food passes to the bowel, making you feel full more quickly.

In an outpatient endoscopic procedure, a suturing device at the end of an endoscope is used to place a set of sutures that get pulled and tightened to bring sections of stomach tissue together. The process creates a sleeve and reduces the stomach from the size of a football to about the size of a banana.

Patients go home the same day and can resume normal activities within one to three days.

Like our other endoscopic options, sleeve gastroplasty is completely reversible.

After the procedure, you’ll start a liquid diet, then gradually move to semi-solid foods before resuming a regular, healthy diet as prescribed by your dietitian. You will also have medical checkups and support from your behavior coach, dietitian and other care team members.

Benefits of Sleeve Gastroplasty include:

  • Nonpermanent: Sleeve gastroplasty does not make permanent alterations to your anatomy and is completely reversible.
  • Proven results: Patients achieve an average of 20% total body weight loss 18 months post procedure.