Preparing for your appointment

Medical records

Your referring physician will need to fax us your records including progress notes, colonoscopy/endoscopy reports, pathology, radiology reports, and any IBD-specific lab values (i.e. Prometheus Thiopurine Metabolites/TPMT/IBD Panels). Our fax number is 314-747-5871.

If you are self-referring, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) requires that you sign a medical record release (pdf) to your previous physician to obtain your medical records.

Upon review of your records, if any additional radiology/laboratory testing or consultation with a colorectal surgeon is warranted, efforts will be made to coordinate appointments.

Patient questionnaire

Please fill print and fill out our new patient questionnaire (pdf) and bring it to your appointment. If you fail to bring it with you, copies will be available to be filled out prior to seeing the physician.

At your appointment

  • A copy of your photo ID and insurance card will be needed upon your arrival. Any co-payment will be due at that time.
  • Your picture will be taken to help identify you at your appointments and also when you call the office on the phone
  • You will be offered an e-mail authorization form to correspond with your physician’s office via e-mail.
  • You will be offered an authorization for Washington University’s patient portal, allowing you electronic access to your medical record.