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More than two-thirds of Americans have excess weight and over one-third of Americans have obesity. One of the most effective tools for treating obesity is weight loss surgery. Unfortunately, some patients don’t qualify for surgery because they have mild obesity that doesn’t meet criteria for surgery and some people who lose weight with weight loss surgery gain weight back. In the past, patients who have either not met criteria for weight loss surgery or have re-gained weight after weight loss surgery have had few options for treatment. Two recent medical advances have changed that.

The Bariatric Endoscopy Program at Washington University specializes in treating patients who don’t qualify for weight loss (or don’t want bariatric surgery) and in patients who have regained weight after weight loss surgery. We offer weight loss programs that take advantage of new weight loss devices that don’t require a surgical operation.

Endoscopic weight loss therapy

If you’re one of the many people struggling with excess weight or obesity, the Washington University Nonsurgical Weight Loss Program can offer renewed hope for long-term success.

The program offers a variety of nonsurgical options and support services to help you can achieve your goals and live a healthy, active life.

Safe, effective weight loss procedures

Washington University gastroenterologists offer treatments that avoid surgery. Our 12-month programs include a medical evaluation, endoscopic procedures including placing and removing devices, monthly group sessions and personalized lifestyle counseling from a behavior coach and registered dietitian.

This approach allows a wide range of patients to seek direct treatment, and delivers proven results for successful weight loss.

We have extensive experience treating patients with the latest technology, and nonsurgical options include:


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