Medical Student Rotations

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Resident Rotations

The gastroenterology (GI) elective is structured to expose the internal medicine resident to a large number of patients with gastrointestinal diseases. The core of the elective is a busy inpatient gastroenterology service that includes patients requiring GI consults as well as patients with primary gastrointestinal disorders.

The resident is part of a team formed by attending physicians, gastroenterology fellows, medicine resident(s) and medical students on elective. This team functions together to provide the gastroenterology services in both the north and south campuses of Barnes-Jewish Hospital.

During the rotation, the resident also participates in the outpatient activities and the structured educational program of the division.

The resident participates in all team activities, assigned outpatient clinics and conferences during a five-day work week. The resident may be asked to participate on weekends at the discretion of the attending physicians – this will typically be limited to one weekend day each week or less, shared with other residents rotating through GI.

The typical workday begins between 7 and 8 a.m. depending on the degree of team responsibilities. The resident will remain with the team until daily activities are completed.

The resident also will be expected to participate fully in the division’s weekly conferences.

Shadowing and Research Opportunities

The shadowing opportunity is for observation only.

Research opportunities are negotiated between the visitor and their mentor. Resources available during the rotation are dependent upon the project requirements.

Prior to applying for a shadowing or research opportunity, please secure a preceptor and visit time frame. Our faculty roster can be found at

How to Apply
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