Aspiration Therapy

Aspiration Therapy

How it works: After a meal, aspiration therapy works by removing a portion of the food from the stomach through a tube before it is absorbed into the body.

During your outpatient device placement, your physician will endoscopically place a tube that connects your stomach to an external skin-port on your abdomen. The skin-port serves as a valve to open and close the tube when you aspirate stomach contents.

After a meal, the aspiration companion device is connected to the skin-port. When the device is activated, stomach content is emptied into the toilet until the draining stops and about a third of the food is removed.

The rest of the meal is digested normally, for gradual, healthy weight loss. In total, the aspiration process takes 5 to 10 minutes. Afterwards, the companion device can be stored in a small carry bag for your convenience.

Aspiration therapy works when patients eat mindfully and chew food extremely well.

Benefits of aspiration therapy include:

  • Long-term: Aspiration helps patients achieve long-term success, as the device can be used as long as needed to meet and maintain goals.
  • Proven results: Participants in a US clinical trial lost an average of 14-20% total body weight in one year, or four times more weight loss than with diet and exercise alone.